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Posted by Leslie on January 27th, 2008 | No Comments

Dear Author has a great post today on the stigma of ebooks. The contention is that most readers assume an electronic book is erotica. Or that epublishers only put out erotica books. While this is how the industry started, it’s not where it is today. My novel at Samhain THE PRICE OF DISCOVERY is not erotica. It is sexy, but so are many other romances. My novel A TARNISHED HEART being released in a few months is also sexy, but it’s not erotica.

The electronic publishing industry exists to promote stories that the bigger publishing houses (with a huge overhead) aren’t able to take the chance on. With lower costs, there is a greater ability to give readers a bigger range of plots and characters.

Of course, I had to comment over at the site. Go check it out and throw your two cents into the ring!



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