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Thursday Thirteen!

Posted by Leslie on March 6th, 2008 | 3 Comments

{Edition XVIII}

thursday thirteen
Thirteen Things I Find Interesting Today

1. My Newest Cover
2. Today’s “Will Write for Chocolate”
3. The latest in Romance Bashing
4. Can anyone learn to taste wine?
5. Can a machine see what we’re thinking? (ACK!!)
6. More on Romance – It’s Everywhere, So Get Used to it!
7. Chatting about the High Concept idea in novels.
8. Sad – Endangered Animals have become the new “Blood Diamonds.”
9. Is Brain Size determined by what we eat?
10. Erotica Writers – Then and Now
11. Ripping Bodices in the 18th Century
12. Don’t Die or you’ll be severely punished!!
13. Cool Science Tattoos!

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Lisa Paitz Spindler 06/03/08 - 10:59 am

Love the Improper Nights cover!

Thanks for linking to my post over at Writers at Play (#6).

And about #2, are you trying to tell me something?

Spice 06/03/08 - 11:17 am

Cool Thursday Thirteen! :)

pussreboots 06/03/08 - 3:12 pm

Congrats on the new cover. Happy TT.


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