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Great Reviews for THE IRON HEART!

Posted by Leslie on February 27th, 2012 | No Comments

Haven’t gotten too many yet, but those I’ve seen have been very positive. Take a look:

Night Owl Reviews:

How does one describe a novel such as this? Creative, daring, a fantastic story written with great imagination will work well. The story is one of Ella and Bennett, two very strong willed individuals who must come to terms with their individual ideals and learn to work together in a Victorian Steampunk setting to stop a crazed killer. Ella is an extraordinary heroine who dabbles in creating steampunk works of art to enrich the lives of the people. Bennett is a noble who has done more than dabble and has created truly amazing works, but takes little credit for them. Each one must learn that they were not what they originally believed in thought. Their lives are crazily entwined together, in a compelling case of mistaken identity, hidden dangers, a ruthless killer, and strong, heart-stopping love. Can they find the killer and stop him before he comes for Ella? Can they overcome their differences to be together in love? Can Ella learn to overcome her aversion to automated beings? Read on to find out.

At once engaging, well written, and charming, this is a great story that will bring great pleasure to readers everywhere.

Reading Reality:

Escape Rating A-: I was up until 3 am trying to finish this. I didn’t quite make it, but I really, really wanted to. I wanted to find out how it ended so badly that I picked it up at breakfast the next morning. I got so caught up in the romance I forgot to figure out who the killer really was. Very well done!

Galaxy Express:

The Iron Heart’s sizzling, steamy (!) romance edges toward a “soft” erotic heat level. Bennett Pierce, Lord Barrington, is a dark and tortured hero whose libido is unleashed by Ella’s bold nature and, of course, her luscious curves. The story is loaded with smoldering glances and raw fantasies. I would characterize The Iron Heart as a slow burn erotic steampunk romance with heavy sexual tension throughout.



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